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Milo in the Doldrums is an indie rock band from Northern Virginia. The band combines modern melodies with nostalgic hooks, tinged with melancholy and uplifted by a love for life and friends.

The band has released three EP’s, to date, and are currently working on writing and recording their debut full length album.

The band is comprised of Robert Mays, Richard Smith, Ryan Wisgerhof, Ryan Burke and whichever friends are brought along for the ride. Names beginning with ‘R’ not required.

Vocals, Guitar / Rob Mays
Guitar / Richard Smith
Bass /Ryan Wisgerhof
Drums / Ryan Burke



"May's vocals, at times razor sharp and smooth and then quivering, glide elegantly over the weighted guitars, which break out in bouts of heavy and melodious riffs, often building up to a climax before stripping back down to merely vocals and then beginning the whole process again." - DC Deli


"The freshman album from Milo in the Doldrums, "Richard's Glasses", is a dazzling sonic journey."         





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