We <3 You Chris Baker!

We're honored to be playing the Chris Baker Benefit Show at Jammin Java on April 6! Chris is one of our best buds and drummer for one of our favorite local bands, The Duskwhales. He was diagnosed with cancer last year and has spent the last few months in and out of the hospital for multiple chemotherapy treatments. Come help us show our love and support for this glorious man along with a slew of other NOVA bands and friends!


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DC Deli reviews new album

Engaging post-grunge from Arlington's Milo in the Doldrums

Richard's Glasses is the first album from leading Phantom Tollbooth inspired Arlington indie-rock-post-grunge outfit Milo in the Doldrums.  High-level songwriting and musicianship shine through on this engaging blend of Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and other 1990s/early 2000s rock.

The key to this album is its variety, with the music being well-thought out and attention grabbing at all times. The touching ballads mixed in with the high-energy grunge make sure this album is well-paced, and at no time does the band allow the listener's attention to wander.  

A well produced first mini-album from Milo in the Doldrums.

Castathetic Reviews "Richards Glasses"

This show is coming up and I got the privilege of listening to the new Milo In The Doldrums album and as one does I reviewed it so here is my review of "Richards Glasses"

" The freshman album from Milo in the Doldrums, "Richard's Glasses", is a dazzling sonic journey from Intro to What Is Never True. Intro is just great and makes you feel great don't skip it it's essential 39 seconds of listening. Selfless and Undyed is the beginning of our hero's journey who seems stuck in ...the "Doldrums" if you will, has his moment of realization and leaves the Doldrums much like in the book they take their name from "The Phantom Tollbooth" by Norton Juster . The third song I already knew I liked I've heard it many times from following them and I'm damn glad it's on this album. Honest Abe is great it's high energy and has great guitar solos and is well written lyrically. Mowgli maintains the high energy and almost feels like a nod to grunge of the past when they start the breakdown and chaos near the end of the song. In the chaos though a shiny light appears that is Birds and the Bees that feels like a calm float through the River Styx with it's haunting chords and spooky effects in the song, defiantly a song that will make you close your eyes envelop you and cause you to sway. Wadin in The Weeds features some of the grooviest bass lines on the album from Reis paired with some of those angelic guitar part from Richard invokes a early May hike. This brings us to What Is Never True, the final song on this adventure, Ole' Rob's lyrics are on point through out the album and this song is the summation of the journey he just took us on especially as the final chord rings out with his last line " There Must Be Something Underneath". It's brilliant, I loved every moment of it, get this album! It's coming out on April 8th at a dual album release show with The Duskwhales at Jammin Java that is the must attend event of the spring."   Castathetic

DC Deli review of New EP

Just a month ago Milo in the Doldrums, hailing from the sandy beaches of Northern Virginia, released their self-titled debut EP. The EP is tinged with a touch of melancholy but charged with an electrifying sense of life, a heart vibrantly pounding with every drum beat and a rush of blood coursing through the guttural strums of the guitars. May’s vocals, at times razor sharp and smooth and then quivering, glide elegantly over the weighted guitars, which break out in bouts of heavy and melodious riffs, often building up to a climax before stripping back down to merely vocals and then beginning the whole process again. Milo in the Doldrums will be playing DC’s Velvet Lounge on June 29 but you can listen to their EP streaming below.