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  Richards glasses

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Milo in the Doldrums is an indie rock band from Northern Virginia. The band combines modern melodies with nostalgic hooks, tinged with melancholy and uplifted by a love for life and friends.

The band has released two EP’s, to date, and are currently working on completing their third EP, to be released in early 2018.

The band is comprised of Rob Mays, Richard Smith, Ryan Wisgerhof, Ryan Burke, as well as whichever friends are brought along for the ride that is Milo in the Doldrums. Names beginning with ‘R’ not required.


Vocals, Guitar / Rob Mays
Guitar / Richard Smith
Bass / Ryan Wisgerhof

Drums / Ryan Burke



Upcoming shows


      Dec 29 - Union Stage - Washington, DC

      Jan 15 - Station Xeta - Arlington, VA


Richards Glasses

by Milo the Doldrums

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Interview by Pinch Harmonics in preparation for their Good Vibes Festival on May 27th! Tickets still available

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